Lake and Pond Fountains

The newest and easiest way to buy a lake fountain online. Headquartered in Fort Myers, FL, our organization operates on three core principles:

  1. To maintain the highest quality standards for our products
  2. To provide the best customer service possible
  3. To stand behind our products 100% 

Our Goal

Understanding the demands of the market, we have developed a wide range of lake fountain customers throughout the years.  Our goal is a simple one. We strive to consistently provide you with the design required to turn your lake or pond into something extraordinary!   

Customer Satisfaction

Our online sales division is committed to the same standards we have always held ourselves accountable for. 

Quality Products

Our fountains, lights, pumps, and all accessories are guaranteed to be the highest quality product you can buy.  We stand behind our products 100%.

Customer Service

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, we not only guarantee quality products, but we promise to deliver best-in-class customer service to any customer that makes the decision to buy our product.

Online Lake Fountain Ordering Made Easy

We offer a full service, e-commerce platform enabling you to order any of our individual fountains with the click of a button.  Visit our online ordering section here, or directly through the "Order Fountain" tab.